Jazz4Jed - Bursary Definition

The Jazz for Jed Award is an annual award made specifically to assist in the promotion and development of jazz music in Wales. The award will be granted at the discretion of an awards panel made up of members of the Management Group of the Jazz 4 Jed organisation. Criteria for application and dispensation are as follows:

  1. The award is open to application from any individual aged 16 years or over, resident in Wales at the time of application, who is not fully funded in secondary, further, higher or postgraduate education.
  2. The purpose of the award is to assist in the personal development of the applicant within the field of jazz music, (and can be applied to the study, promotion, recording and production of jazz as well as performance).
  3. The award will be made on an annual basis. The applicant will be asked to complete a detailed application form and if short listed, will be asked to attend an interview to put forward their submission verbally to a panel consisting of members of the steering group of Jazz 4 Jed.
  4. The method of disbursement will depend on the nature of the application, but accountability to the awards panel will be a prerequisite of allocation and of the decision to award.
  5. The current closing date for applications is saturday 30th September, and the award winner will be announced in November 2017. The period during which the application is for is January - December 2018.
  6. The Management group will consider applications for an award up to a maximum of 1,000.
    Please note that the award offered could be for less than than this.